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Credit: Carlos Cruz


Car Seat Headrest share two new EPs


American indie rock heroes Car Seat Headrest have surprise released two new EPs under the collective title MADLO: Influences & Remixes.

The first, Influences, includes four covers that the band cite as inspiring their latest album Making a Door Less Open. The covers that the band take on are David Bowie’s ageless funk nugget ‘Golden Years’, The Who’s iconic ‘Substitute’, Nine Inch Nails’ aggressively awesome cut ‘March of the Pigs’ and Kate Bush’s seminal single ‘Running Up That Hill’.

Each of the four covers are stripped back into the classic Car Seat Headrest sound that the band favored before the electronic makeover that became Making a Door Less Open. Sounding like a teenage garage band taking on their favorite artists, MADLO: Influences harkens back to the scuzzy and spectacularly rock and roll sound of earlier albums like Teens of Denial and Twin Fantasy, whether its the dry disco of ‘Golden Years’ or the fantastic guttural screeching on ‘March of the Pigs’.

The sole exception is ‘Running Up That Hill’, which retains the bouncier and more mechanical feel of Making a Door Less Open. What is operatic and highly dramatic in the hands of Kate Bush becomes stark and distant in the hands of Will Toledo and his band.

The second EP, Remixes, is just that: five remixes from a number of electronic artists chopping up and reworking songs from Making a Door Less Open. Well, I should say that it’s four different artists since one of the tracks is remixed by 1 Trait Danger, a side project from Toledo and drummer Andrew Katz. These remixes take the cold and recessive sounds of the original LP and turns them into club-ready singles, although the club you might here Dntel’s remix of ‘Life Worth Missing’ in probably hasn’t been cleaned since before the pandemic. Fair warning.

Check out both the MADLO EPs down below.