Car Seat Headrest release 13 minute track 'Beach Life-In-Death'


Horray! Car seat Headrest are giving us a new(ish) track with ‘Beach Life-In-Death’. Car Seat Headrest have been away too long, in our opinion. The band recently released ‘War Is Coming (If You Want It)’ – a song “about not murdering people” according to front man Will Toledo.

But that all feels like so long ago, and the recent album Teens of Denial is over a year old. So luckily, the CSHR gods are looking favourably or pitifully at us and delivered a heavy 13 minute chunk of newness for us to get excited about.

Although it may be new to most of CSHR fans, the die-hard day-oners will know ‘Beach Life-in-Death’ to be a 2011 release which has been given a sparkly new re-recording session.

So, if you know what’s good for you, spend the next 13 minutes enjoying this deep blue rarity brought to the surface for a bit of air. Then spend the next 13 minutes writing to Toledo and Co. about the new record… we’d really appreciate it.