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Capturing the unspoilt natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies, the remarkable Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains, spans the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta with its rugged, ice-capped peaks towering in excess of 12,000ft high.

The Great North Collective, a movement founded by three photographers David Guenther, Mike Seehagel and Chris Amat, set about showing some of Canada’s most impressive features based on their desire for exploration.

As a trio, they set the Rockies in his sights and embarked on a journey that most would be too daunting for most. With 1200 kilometres mapped out with walking, automobiles, helicopters required, The Great North collective stopped off in Jasper, Canmore, and Kananaskis and captured it all. “We’re really lucky to live in such beautiful and picturesque part of the world. Spending time with close friends, taking a little break from life to experience nature and find new areas to document is really what Great North Collective is all about,” they said somewhat nonchalantly in an interview with Featureshoot

“There are very few places in the world that are as wide open and untouched as Canada. It is so easy to head into the mountains and not see a single around for miles, and that is a pretty special feeling that I don’t think many other places can offer,” they added.

“It’s always crazy to be driving through the wide open Prairies, and an hour later be in the snow-capped Rockies. The diversity of the landscapes definitely makes Canada unique.”