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Credit: Cannibal Animal


Cannibal Animal take us on a ride with 'One Day Made of Wire'


Well, well, well what do we have here? An unbridled and unrelenting piece of punk noise from the fair city of Hull equipped with enough to distortion to make your ears bleed and your mouth move into that weird crescent shape thing – a smile. Listen to Cannibal Animal’s ‘One Day Made Of Wire’, our Track of the Day.

The city of culture, Hull, has produced some fine punk talent over the years and they continue to pursue all things snotty with their latest exports, the incredibly gifted Cannibal Animal.

They may not be gifted in the traditional sense. We’re not sure that there’s many graduates of Julliard here. But they are gifted at grabbing you by the figurative cajones and taking you for a twisting and turning ride full of poetic ups and spit-speckled downs.

The track meanders around a few different genres and musical tones, even in its fairly short two minutes and thirty seconds. It peaks and troughs and offers up a lot of variation across punk spectrum. But the real win here is the track’s attitude. It is a balls to the wall, no-holds-barred attack.

The attack isn’t just sonic either, no the lyrics are a deliberate finger in the eye of modernity and the growing splicing of humanity and technology. The band’s singer Luke Ellington said this of the record:

“It takes on social media, technology and the robotic nature of ‘connection’ online and how humans seem to have lost touch with actual face to face interaction and romance. One day we will be in fact made of wire…”

While we await the day we will be able to turn our wiry fingers into one of those dodgy names they sell on Oxford Street, take a listen to Cannibal Animal’s ‘One Day Made Of Wire’ below.