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(Credit: Alamy)


Cannes 2022: Topless protester crashes the red carpet

George Miller’s latest film Three Thousand Years of Longing had its premiere on Friday, May 20th, and is scheduled to have its theatrical release later this year. Its Cannes premiere wasn’t just marked by the screening of the brand new project by Miller but also because of a protest led by an individual during the red carpet event.

There have been a lot of reports about the Russian invasion of Ukraine which have also documented how Russian soldiers are allegedly subjecting Ukrainian women and children to mass rape. These horrific accounts have sparked outrage, with many claiming that the war crimes of Russia should be met with swift action.

During the red carpet event at Cannes, one woman removed her clothes and started screaming at the cameras as a form of protest. Her body paint was representative of the Ukrainian flag with “stop raping us” written on the front of the body and “scum” painted on her lower back in addition to the red paint on her legs.

Despite the heavy security at the event, the protestor managed to get her message across even though it was probably seen as an inconvenience by many of the stars present there. This isn’t the first time someone has crashed the red carpet like this since a similar thing happened during the 2014 edition but that individual had very different reasons (putting his head under the dress of an actress).

The woman was promptly removed by security guards who covered her body as well as her political message very quickly. During the start of this year’s edition, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the Cannes audience and urged filmmakers to expose the horrors of the Russian invasion to the world.

Watch the footage below.