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(Credit: Marie Claire Korea)


Cannes 2022: Park Chan-wook wins Best Director Award

Park Chan-Wook’s return to the Cannes Film Festival has made many film fans delighted. He had already established a strong global following due to incredible thrillers like Oldboy and the Vengeance trilogy which continue to dominate the discourse surrounding the genre. This year, he has returned with another thriller which has garnered widespread acclaim.

Titled Decision to Leave, the film is a mystery thriller involving a detective who finds himself too attached to a very complex criminal case that he is investigating. While delving deep into the murder investigation and chasing down leads, he finds himself being bombarded by all sorts of conflicts when he falls in love with the prime suspect.

For his incredible work, Park Chan-Wook ended up winning the prestigious Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival. On previous occasions, he had received major accolades at the festival for his other works such as Oldboy and Thirst but this win has made many film fans note down Decision to Leave in their watchlists.

In his acceptance speech, Park Chan-Wook spoke about the future of cinema and the theatre experience. “Fans didn’t visit movie theatres, but it was the time that we were aware of the value of cinema,” he said. “As we have hope and power to overcome this pandemic, I believe that we cineaste will keep theatres and cinema for good.”

Song Kang-ho also ended up winning the Best Actor Award for his collaboration with Hirokazu Koreeda on Broker. “I couldn’t help running to him,” said Park. The director even revealed that he approached the actor for a new project. “He has appeared in many good films, and it is time for him to win the prize.”

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