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Candid images of the legendary Queen after-show party in 1986


Following Queen’s huge performance at Live Aid a few years earlier, the band were a rejuvenated outfit and on tour in support of their latest album A Kind of Magic. The tour, aptly named The Magic Tour, would be one of the last with the band’s original line-up as Freddie Mercury sadly lost his life in 1991.

Two notable shows on the tour were the band’s homecoming (of sorts) gigs which saw Freddie and Co. take to the stage at the infamous Wembley Stadium on 11th and 12th of July, 1986. But where Queen were quite rightly thought of as one of the most powerful live acts you were ever lucky enough to see with a stunning production, what often people didn’t see was the huge production value of their after-show parties.

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One such party was caught on camera. Held at the Kensington Roof Gardens Queen held a huge party. On the setlist as Dicky Hart And The Pacemakers, Queen were joined by notable acts Cliff Richard, Samantha Fox, the rightly disgraced and dishonoured Gary Glitter (though his acts were not known at the time), Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Spandau Ballet.

We’d like to take a trip back to those moments in 1986 when Queen were on top of the world.

Freddie Mercury & Samantha Fox

“I sang with Freddie Mercury at a party once and that was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled me up. It was their private party in Kensington. As soon as you got into the lift there were naked women painted green, like a forest. They had midgets with little trays of drinks. You just knew it was going to be a brilliant party. Queen took the stage and they jammed for about an hour [the party itself went until about ]. It was amazing. And Gary Glitter got up, too! He pulled me up and asked me what songs I knew. And you know when you can’t think? I asked if he Touch Me and he laughed and said, ‘What about Go Johnny Go?’ We ended up singing that together. It was amazing to do a duet with Freddie.” – Samantha Fox.

Freddie Mercury & Samantha Fox
David Hogan & Richard Young
Freddie Mercury & Samantha Fox
Rula Lenska with Dennis Waterman and Anita Dobson
Anita Dobson & Mel Smith
Abel Hadden with Samantha Fox
John Entwhistle
Anita Dobson and Fish (Derek William Dick), lead singer with Merillion
Jim Beach
Janet Street Porter with Tony James of Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Phil Symes with Carol Hayes

They even covered it on the news:

Source: Flashbak