Canadian Adventure: Polaroid pictures from a summer in the Arctic


Photographer Jackie Dives, armed with her Polaroid camera, set upon the 150-day expedition from Toronto to Victoria and documented the adventure.

Dives travelling as part of the Canada C3 adventure, a signature project for Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation which took place in 2017. The major appeal of this was an epic 150-day sailing journey from Toronto to Victoria which went via the Northwest Passage.

The Northwest Passage, of course, a sea route to the Pacific Ocean through the Arctic Ocean, the northern coast of North America a through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Stopping off in the Nunavut, the newest, largest, and most northerly territory of Canada, Dives was able to bring her artistry to film by depicting life in the area.

Here, we explore life in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago:

View some more of Jackie Dives’ work on Instagram.