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Call Lana Del Ray on tour bus number


If you’ve ever been to LA you will have seen slightly creepy tour buses slowly meandering around the streets of Hollywood peering in to the lives and homes of the rich and famous. You might not have noticed is that on the cover of Lana Del Ray’s latest album Honeymoon Lana features on the cover in one of the said buses.

But have you ever tried to call the number on the side? No? You may have missed out on speaking with the lady herself. It has transpired that the number on the side of the van which carries Miss Del Ray connects directly to the artist.

It is obviously 5000% engaged right now but if you were lucky enough to be one of the first callers you got to have a heart to heart with one of the hottest pop artists of the moment. It’s just another way artists are connecting with fans like they never have before.

What we are wondering though is how many people actually wanted to book a tour.