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(Credit: Edward Cisneros)

Dozens injured after stage barricade collapses at Bumbershoot Festival


A major collapse of a stage barricade at Bumbershoot Festival has resulted in approximately 25 people being injured, it has been confirmed.

The incident, which took place during Jai Wolf’s performance, has resulted in four people being hospitalised

“As soon as I walked on the stage tonight, one of the steel barricades separating the crowd and the stage collapsed due to the crowd pushing and jumping on the hill,” Jai Wolf said in a statement.

“I cut the music because I noticed members of the audience had fallen on top of each other. Before we could continue the show, we had to assess any potential injuries.”

The event organisers said: “Saturday night at Bumbershoot Festival there was steel barricade failure that resulted in several non-life threatening injuries,” in statement posted on social media. “Those injured were handled by on-site medical teams and further treatment continued at an area hospital as deemed necessary,” they added.

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