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Credit: Bully


Bully have shared a new lockdown video for 'Every Tradition'


Bully have released a new lockdown special video for their new single ‘Every Tradition’. The clip sees Alicia Bognanna, the band’s singer, giving an in-house performance of the track.

As with many artists Bully have found themselves in Covid-19 lockdown in the middle of a promotional run. But while some artists have retreated and pushed back their releases others have persevered. Bully is the latter.

Bognanna took a camera and created her own video for the song, with the help of director Alan Del Rio Orti, as they did for the band’s previous single ‘Where To Start’.

“I liked it so much [before] I wanted to do it again and trusted Alan to turn my mess into a well put together music video,” said Bognanna in a statement.

“Surprisingly I was a lot more comfortable on my own as opposed to having a crew of people there like there has been for past music videos. I also have a newfound appreciation for any cinematographer because god damn it’s a lot of work,” says Bognanna.

The single is cut from the new album SUGAREGG, the band’s third record and is due out for release on 21st August via Sub Pop.

Watch the new video for ‘Every Tradition’ below.