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(Credit: Amy D'Agorne Craghill)


Bull share new single 'In A Jar'

Bull - 'In A Jar'

York indie-rockers Bull have shared their latest single ‘In A Jar’. The track is featured on the band’s debut LP Discover Effortless Living, released earlier this year.

Based on the restrictions of remaining sedentary and unmotivated, the song is a perfect companion piece to the slow and steady lifting of restrictions and lockdown procedures as we venture closer to a return to something adjacent to normalcy after COVID-19 stole a solid year and a half from us all. “I think about the times/That I’ve sat inside/When I could have been anywhere/What a waste of time, Doing all the things that won’t last in my mind.”

“It’s about a person’s human contribution to the future,” the awesome named Bull singer Tom Beer says. “It suggests that a person’s ego can actually drive them forward to make new things and benefit other people. The jar is a metaphor for a song or any pursuit/endeavour.”

Ultimately, if you find yourself bored of doing what you love, or you find yourself in a malaise, the only solution is to keep moving forward. The boys in Bull keep the message upbeat with rock steady groove that ebbs and flows to mirror the indecision of the lyrics. The self-reference to the “second verse groove” is a wonderfully meta touch as well. All in all, it makes for a smartly written and wryly clever tune, a choice cut from the band’s first album.

The release of ‘In A Jar’ also comes with the announcement that the band will be performing an exclusive livestream this month. Taking a page out of The Beatles’ book, the group will perform on top of the roof of their record label’s building in Kings Cross, London. The event will be live-streamed on the band’s social media on May 11th.

Check out the cheeky cardboard cutout video for ‘In A Jar’ down, below.