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Bruising - Can't You Feel It


We brought you your first session of Bruising a few months back, it seems that since they have been pulling together all types of lo-fi and fuzz-tastic hooks to catch the mightiest and weakest alike on their shining brand of earworming pop.

Simply put they’re a simple band. No pretence or stylists, no need for sneers and stories of cocaine riddled whores just pure adolescent-tinged pop-hookery. Naomi Baugley’s vocals are soft yet tangible and that balanced combination is only slightly mal-adjusted by the distorted riffs of Ben Lewis.

‘Can’t You Feel’ is taken from the upcoming Beech Coma compilation Vol.3 and is bound to get the industry salivating at the prospects of the kind of velveteen grapple that Bruising are so capable of producing.