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Credit: YouTube


Watch Bruce Springsteen's hilarious rehearsals for 'Dancing in the Dark'

This has to be the best piece of film we’ve seen this week. We have happily stumbled upon this classic piece of footage of ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen getting ready for something truly special. The clip in question features Springsteen rehearsing for his now-iconic ‘Dancing in the Dark’ video.

Now admittedly, this isn’t the latest in trail-blazing film; it won’t start much debate or create any essays, but what it will do is put a smile on your face. In a time when smiling is as good as gold in your teeth, this video is certainly worth its weight.

Actually, maybe we will recant on that last part, this video will not only put a smile on stretching for miles across your face, but it will create one mammoth debate: how exactly does one both write such great music and dance so impeccably?

That is the focal point of this footage which is taken at Bruce’s house (and even features Clarence Clemons doing his own swaggering jaunt) is the dance that launched a thousand imitations. It’s a hip-swishing, finger-clicking joy and sees a candid Springsteen rehearse his moves for what would become an iconic video featuring none other than Friends star, Courteney Cox.

Scarface filmmaker Brian DePalma directed the video for the song and, though it won’t rank as one of his best pictures, it certainty cemented Springsteen’s iconic status. Forever featured as part of “before they were famous” reels, in the video, the young actress is selected by Springsteen out of the crowd and begins dancing with The Boss

The dance which is endlessly copied at every wedding, the dance Cox cautiously attempts under Bruce’s expert tutorship (which you can watch under this video), and the dance we will be doing all day after watching this.

The video is also one that seems to be on an endless loop of discovery, as does this rehearsal footage. It’s a bit silly and certainly not relevant to Springsteen’s career in any grand sense, but there’s a humour and irreverence to the film which means it is essential watching.

Take a look and enjoy yourself as we bring you Bruce Springsteen’s hilarious rehearsal for ‘Dancing in the Dark’.