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Watch Bruce Dickinson tear into a fan for lighting flare: "You Greek c**t"

Bruce Dickinson is an undisputed titan of metal. The frontman of metal pioneers Iron Maiden for over four decades, his wailing, operatic style of vocal delivery is one of the most influential in the entirety of popular music, helping to spawn a variety of metal subgenres. Dickinson hits notes that were once only thought possible for the Banshees of Irish folklore, and at the age of 63, to continue to do so is a mean feat. 

Aside from being a skilled musician, Dickinson is also a fierce performer and one whose craft is not to be messed with, as one fan found out on Saturday (July 16th). To distract the Iron Maiden frontman is to risk life and limb, and to be avoided at all costs. 

When the band were performing at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, a fan lit a flare during the opening of their legendary 1982 track ‘The Number of the Beast’. Dickinson was initially somewhat comedic when calling out the person behind the flare, ad-libbing the lyric: “What did I see? A c**t with a f**king flare!”

However, as the flare burst into life, Dickinson was done with the games. He stopped signing and tore into the perpetrator with a short, obscenity-filled rant, which is slightly offensive. He shouted down the mic: “I’ve got to sing up here! You f**king c**ksucker. You Greek c**t. I’ve got to f**king sing, right? F**k you!”

The flare continued to burn in the crowd, and from the video footage Dickinson appeared to leave the stage as well as stop singing the rest of the song. Per a report in Classic Rock, he did eventually return to finish the rest of the set without further interruptions. 

Iron Maiden are currently in the middle of the European leg of their ‘Legacy of the Beast Tour’. They will then hit the Americas on September 7th in Mexico City, kicking off a run that will end on October 27th in Tampa, Florida. 

Watch Bruce Dickinson react to the flare in Athens below.

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