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BRONCHO - Class Historian


With one of the catchiest intros I have heard in recent months BRONCHO bring to our attention their lo-fi finesse in the form of the pop-tastic ‘Class Historian’. Coming out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, BRONCHO are bringing the relaxing touch of a surf rhythm with a Springsteen vocal and an incredibly catchy bridge. BRONCHO and ‘Class Historian’ are our Track of the Day selection.

With the album released on Dine Alone Records in September BRONCHO represent the independent aspect of the industry. Self-produced and self-taught there is a classy control held over the artistic output of band, which reeks of musicality and professionalism without the industry schmuck in the corner counting his notes.

With flecks of 60’s surf-rock and Americana splattered across a deep canvas of pop sensibility and clever lyricism, perfectly dabbling the retro with the modern to create a vibrantly coloured sound.

‘Class Historian’ is a great example of BRONCHO’s work, taken from the newest release Just Enough Hip To Be Woman the track is fun and frivolous whilst still remaining musically virtuous and feet-movingly sound.



Jack Whatley