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(Credit: Broken Fires)


Broken Fires share new track 'Dreamer'


The boys from South Wales indie outfit Broken Fires are back with their first release of 2021, ‘Dreamer’.

Armed with giant sounding guitars and even bigger hooks, Broken Fires aim for the sweet spot between energetic rock and roll and catchy pop tunes, which they mostly succeed with ‘Dreamer’.

“Dreamer is a song about being allowed to dream and wanting to do something with your short time on earth,” band member Tom Stephens explains. “It was inspired by this feeling that as we grow up, we tend to default to the mundane, normal and let’s be honest – boring. It seemed like a feeling that a lot of our friends were experiencing, that itch you get when you just don’t want to accept that this is it and you want to do something bigger, better, maybe even a little bit crazy and unrealistic with your life.”

It’s hard not to relate to that sentiment. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of megastardom or fame like that, only to be swiftly brought back to reality? “I don’t wanna be a millionaire/I just wanna write something I don’t hate/Simple thoughts.” Keep dreaming big, guys. It is refreshing to hear a band sing about not being big, though.

Broken Fires released their first album, Silhouettes, all the way back in 2015. Six years might not seem like that long of a gap, but it might as well be an aeon in the world of pop music. 2015 was the year Mark Ronson put out ‘Uptown Funk’. It’s been a while.

After a lengthy hiatus, the band returned last year with the song ‘Winter Warmer’, and have indicated that a new album, entitled HYMNS, is on the horizon for later this year.

Check out the audio for ‘Dreamer’ down below. HYMNS does not yet have a release date, but it can’t be far out.