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Brockhampton do their thing on 'Count on Me'


A little known fact about music criticism: if you admit to not particularly enjoying a certain artist, then you will have to write about said artist, ad infinitum, until the end of time.

Case in point: I admitted a few days ago that I was not the world’s biggest Brockhampton fan. What I said in that previous article I’ll say again. I don’t hate Brockhampton. They have some fun jams and I can totally get why people love this group. But they’re not for me. Some people don’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Some people don’t like The Godfather movies. I don’t like Brockhampton.

To fulfil this unwritten prophecy, my editors have tasked me with reviewing the Texas collective’s new song ‘Count on Me’. Speaking of fulfilling prophecies, Brockhampton leader Kevin Abstract gave a shout out to lily-white pop singer Shawn Mendes on their 2017 track ‘Star’. Well, guess who shows up to sing the hook on ‘Count on Me’?

In just about two minutes and thirty seconds, the song manages to cram in Mendes, frequent collaborator Ryan Beatty, and even an opening verse from A$AP Rocky, making this the second release in a row with a huge flex of a guest verse. Just like Danny Brown’s verse on the previously released single ‘Buzzcut’, Rocky’s guest verse is the highlight here. Like any good entertainer, Rocky knows that Field Mob are the OG’s and should be given a shout out at every moment available. Rocky pretty much shows up for the first thirty seconds and dips, allowing other guest star SoGoneSoFlexy to handle the second verse and actual Brockhampton member Matt Champion to finish the song out proper.

Abstract also seemed to indicate on Twitter that the band would actually put out two albums in 2021… and then call it quits as a group. They said the same thing after Saturation III, so excuse me if I remain sceptical. For the record: no, I would not celebrate the demise of Brockhampton. That is in poor taste. I’d simply continue my streak of indifference onto whatever project Kevin Abstract decides to do next. Maybe it’ll be great. I am open, if not hoping, for that possibility, because Brockhampton currently lives on cruise control, propped up by its superior guest stars.

Check out ‘Count on Me’ down, below.