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‘Broad City’ put even more rare props and wardrobe up for charity auction


Broad City, the hit stoner sitcom created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, is raising money for charity by auctioning off props and wardrobe from the series.

Every week from now right up until March 28th, Broad City are auctioning off between 12 to 15 new items all of which are iconic props from the show.

Now, the show’s creator’s are partnering with online bidding site Screenbid to auction off rare props, wardrobes, set decorations and other iconic items from the show. The auction marks a bold moment as it is the first time in Screenbid history that 100% of the revenue will go to a nonprofit.

Abbi and Ilana selected Lemontree, a New York City nonprofit that helps low-income families set the table with a dignified, affordable and healthy dinner.

Among the latest offering, Broad City have added ‘Abbi’s Shit Note’ which is taken from Season 1, Episode 7 when Abbi writes Ilana a note telling her her toilet won’t flush after using it while having guests during the storm:

If wardrobe is what you’re after, then you can style yourself like both characters as an array of costumes are added to the auction. Ilana’s sleeveless green turtleneck, previously under her tracksuit during a slow-motion rap music montage in episode 407, is available. On top of that, the duo has made Abbi’s quite hideous yellow sequin tank taken from the same episode.

Of it wouldn’t be Broad City without any reference to Ilana’s vast array of sex toys. Described as a “connoisseur of sex toys” by the item description, the show has listed one of her pink vibrators from the show – ‘batteries not included’.

The Broad City girls have release the following new items up for auction:

  • Ilana’s Gold Link Chain Belt
  • Abbi’s Shit Note
  • Val’s Cig Holder
  • Signed Script – Episode 109 “House Hunters”
  • Abbi’s Pug Phone Case
  • Ilana’s Tie-Dye Joggers
  • Ilana’s Driver License
  • Abbi’s Passport
  • Ilana’s Hillary Campaign Notepad
  • Ilana’s Pink Vibrator
  • Abbi’s Gold Helmet & Goggles
  • Ilana’s Keys
  • Abbi’s Yellow Sequin Tank
  • Lincoln’s Driver License
  • Ilana’s Green Sleeveless Turtleneck
  • Abbi’s Challah Back T-shirt
  • Ilana’s Female Body Inspector T-shirt
  • Ilana’s Old Man Mask
  • Abbi’s Canvas Bag

See the full auction, here.