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Britney Spears wants her father charged with conservatorship abuse

Britney Spears has told the Los Angeles court system that she wants her father, Jamie Spears, charged with conservatorship abuse. 

The singer was addressing the court for the second time, following her initial hearing a few weeks back. She was making her statement via telephone to avoid the #FreeBritney protestors outside of the court. 

Initially, she appeared very emotional, stating that she would like the courtroom cleared so that she could make her address privately, before changing her mind and continuing with her statement. 

Therein she alleged a series of abusive treatments she had suffered as a consequence of her ongoing conservatorship. She stated that her coffee and vitamins had been confiscated and emotionally pleaded to Judge Brenda Penny, “Ma’am, that’s not abuse, that’s just f****** cruelty,” before adding, “Excuse my language but it’s the truth.”

After a short break, she then declared that she not only wanted her father removed from her conservatorship but that she also wanted him charged with conservatorship abuse. Stating, “My dad needs to be removed today and I will be happy with Jodi helping me,” in reference to Jodi Montgomery, her co-conservator. 

Jamie Spears has been managing Britney’s estate since 2008 when the singer’s management was placed in the hands of her legal guardians in an arrangement known as conservatorship after the singer’s mental health issues unfurled publicly. 

This came a decade after Britney Spears burst onto the scene in 1998 with ‘…Baby One More Time’, when she was only sixteen years old. From the very start, this has created issues with who controls the singer’s estate. 

Now, an attorney vowing to represent her and usurp the court-appointed attorney has made an address her emotive testimony in June proved she is “more than capable of hiring her own counsel”.

This was later granted and now court proceedings will continue with the court-appointed Samuel Ingham immediately stepped down and has been replaced by Mathew S. Rosengart.

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