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Britney Spears reportedly lands record-breaking book deal


Britney Spears has reportedly become the benefactor of a record-breaking book deal offer for her tell-all life story to date.

According to Variety, Spears has already agreed on the deal with the publishing house Simon & Schuster, who won a bidding war that reportedly reached the whopping figure of a $15million advance. 

Naturally, the book will be crammed full of salacious details as people crave the inside track on the story of not only her career but the treatment she fell victim to during her recent conservatorship

Variety claims that the book promises to deliver on this front, as the planned novel will apparently offer up an account of her “rise to fame, her music career and her relationship with her family.”

Given that she has just come out of the back of a bitter legal feud with her father, who was her former conservator, the book comes at a point in the star’s career where she has been thrust into the public eye and come out the other side with a fresh start. 

Currently, Spears’ Instagram posts suggest that she is simply relishing returning to the simple pleasures of life. Including hot fudge, which she recently orgasmically thanked Jesus for as she dotingly sloshed the warm substance around in an ornate bowl with a spoon in a similar fashion to how you’d imagine Leonardo Da Vinci passionately lacquered his paintbrush in years gone by. 

Thus, as she is busy returning to normality, she is yet to confirm the reports and her management is yet to reply to information requests. Nevertheless, as perhaps the most beloved pop star around right now, the emerging reports are likely to be on the money, and a summer best-seller may well be on the way soon.