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Britney Spears invited to Congress to testify about conservatorship


After a lengthy legal battle during which allegations of harrowing incidents including spying devices and dietary restrictions were revealed, Britney Spears has been invited to tell her tale before Congress.

Last year, Britney Spears won her freedom from the conservatorship that she was first placed under after her mental health began to publicly unravel in 2008. Today, she shared a letter with great pride from Congress Representatives Charlie Crist and Eric Swalwell inquiring whether she would share her story.

Spears received the letter a few months ago and boldly declared that it made her feel “heard and like I mattered for the for the first time in my life”. She now felt emotionally ready to share the invitation with fans. 

“I received this letter months ago,” Spears wrote in a social media post. “I was immediately flattered and at the time I wasn’t nearly at the healing stage I’m in now.”

Continuing: “In a world where your own family goes against you, it’s actually hard to find people that get it and show empathy.”

Congress hoped to not only show a citizen some empathy but to also learn from her case and ensure the issues that Spears faced could be mitigated in future.

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As the letter itself states: “Many concerning issues that are commonplace in the guardianship and conservatorship process were brought to light.” The Representatives then continued: “Especially troubling was news that, for years, you were unable to hire your own counsel to represent your personal and financial interests.”

This issue of entrapment was central to Spears’ case against her father, thus, the letter continued: “Other issues surrounding the initial petition, the eventual permanence of the conservatorship, and being forced to engage in employment against your will, are all equaling concerning.”

While the invitation called for her to testify, it also recognised that she may well not be in the right emotional state to do so and added: “Please know that you have absolutely no obligation to do anything more but fight for yourself, but if you are willing, we would appreciate learning more about the emotional and financial turmoil you faced with the conservatorship system.”

As of yet, although she expressed enormous gratitude, Spears has not revealed whether or not she intends to take them up on the offer. For now, it would appear that returning to normality and enjoying everyday pleasures like warm fudge once more is her prerogative.