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The British band Dave Grohl called "f**king awesome"


Getting the seal of approval from Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl is an acknowledgement that any band would dine out on for the rest of their career, shoehorning such an accolade into their press releases until the end of time.

Grohl is an undoubted iconic figure that has been at the very top of rock ‘n’ roll for over three decades and shows no signs of loosening his formidable force, which seems only to grow tighter with each passing year. Grohl has become a father figure within the scene, and the former Nirvana drummer is never one to run away from sharing the love with younger artists.

Whether this is through giving bands such as Idles a deserved big break by letting them support the Foo’s at the O2 Arena back in 2017 before they exploded or giving groups shout-outs during interviews, Grohl has given plenty of opportunities to those in less fortunate positions.

However, some bands need the rub of the shoulder from the nicest guy in rock ‘n’ roll more than others, and when he came out to support Arctic Monkeys in 2014, they were already riding high enough without his declaration of love.

Following their fifth album, AM, the Sheffield band had finally cracked Stateside, and one of their new avid fans was a certain Mr Grohl.

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In truth, it’s strange that it took Grohl so long to hop on board, considering their connection through Josh Homme, who is his bandmate in Them Crooked Vultures, and also co-produced Arctic’s third album, Humbug, in 2009.

Nevertheless, it’s still better to be late than the party than never arrive, and Grohl was full of unadulterated love for them when he spoke in 2014. He told The Sun: “They are fucking awesome. They’re taking over America. The American audiences fucking love them. Alex Turner, fuck yeah, he’s a rock star”.

Drawing from dreaded personal experience, he added: “I’ll see a young band like them become that popular and think, ‘Please God, don’t let them self-destruct’. Because it happens, you know. But they seem like a band of brothers. Those four dudes seem like they’re doing really well and will be for a while”.

Thankfully, they haven’t self-destructed, and Grohl was seen with Turner and drummer Matt Helders at a concert by Australian group The Chats in Los Angeles in 2019.

Reflecting on a surreal night with NME, The Chats said: “We knew Josh was coming because we texted him to come down. He said ‘chuck us on for a plus three’ and we thought he’d be bringing his kids. I walked outside to go on stage and there’s Dave Grohl, Alex Turner, Matt Helders and all the boys. Dave Grohl told me ‘don’t fuck it up’ before we went on.”

Check out the supergroup together after the concert below.