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British Albums Account For 13% of Global Sales


Without wishing to sound too ‘Britain First’-y isn’t it nice to be good at something? Not since 2012 Olympics has Britain been officially recognised as good at something and now it’s actually for something we all care about: music.

According to latest figures every 1 in 7 albums sold is created by somebody British. Before you start popping corks and celebrating wildly over your nearest European friend just keep in mind that most fo the4se sales go to abominable acts such as One Direction, Sam Smith and James Blunt.

Given that we represent 1% of the World population and 4% of the GDP we can give ourselves a pat on the back for being so goddam musically inclined. The BBC said we were “making a notable global impact in 2014” thanks to bands such as our saving grace from the lineup Arctic Monkeys and the awful London Grammar.

But we are positive people here so we still like to remember the good old day of ‘The British Invasion’ so enjoy some Beatles and celebrate the triumph in the beautiful sun.