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(Credit: Derek Harper)


Bristol’s Colston Hall removes name from the building


The owners of Colston Hall have started the process of removing the name of 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston from outside the Bristol venue.

The move to remove the name comes just a week after Black Lives Matter protesters in the city managed to pull down the statue of Colston and then throw it into the harbour.

Colston made his vast fortune from being a member of the Royal African Company, a group that transported over 80,000 men, women and children from Africa to the Americas. When he died in 1721, he left his wealth to various charities and his legacy is still visible in the name of Bristol’s streets, memorials and buildings.

Confirming the removal, Colston Hall said in a statement: “Today Bristol Music Trust took down the Colston Hall lettering from outside of the building.

“This is just one step on our road to announcing a new name for the venue in Autumn 2020. We have taken this action as a symbolic moment and a public demonstration of the commitment we made three years ago to change our name.”

They added: “We believe we are here to share the unity and joy that music brings us. The hall was built 150 years after Colston’s death and not founded with any of his money. We cannot continue to be a monument to his memory.”