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Brighton’s own Morning Smoke let us taste ‘Soft Decay’


We are massive fans of the Brighton based band Morning Smoke (and spin-off California Carpool for that matter). Their ability to inject a punk spirit and diy ethos in to what could be described as a hazy, dark and moody sound has been a joy to hear these last few years.

In recent months it seems as though they are stepping it up a gear. ‘Soft Decay proves it. With heavy musicality a continued thread throughout the bands releases on Cannibal Hymns the newest track continues that trend with a keen ear an essential to really appreciate the complexity of sonic endeavour on the record.

It’s a clever knack to be able to make a song so complex sound so passionately simple. The heavy, fuzzy sound is indicative of punk tinged grunge churned out at a rate of knots currently, but their lyrics and layering add gravitas and because of it Morning Smoke should never be discounted.