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(Credit: Shawn Brackmill)


Bright Eyes share startling new single 'One and Done'


The return of Bright Eyes continues to be a heartfelt and honest re-introduction to the very reasons you fell in love with Conor Oberst’s band in the first place. The brilliant ‘One and Done’ is our Track of the Day.

Written and recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic set in, the song instead reflects a resignation in Oberst’s mind as to what seems to be society’s rapid disintegration. It’s another classic indie gem.

As well as seeing Bright Eyes return to their indie roots, the song also allows Oberst’s ear for a tune to find some more orchestral spaces. A luscious arrangement from Nathaniel Walcott makes Mike Mogis’ mix all the more gorgeous.

Following recent releases ‘Persona Non Grata’, ‘Forced Convalescence’ which together seemingly confirmed the full album return of Bright Eyes, despite no details being shared.

Bright Eyes’ last album came way back in 2011, The People’s Key, and the hiatus has seen the thirst for new music grow to a fever pitch, despite tour dates being recently cancelled thanks to the pandemic.

The song is rife with prophetic statements, “This whole town looks empty, but we knew it wouldn’t last/ Behind bulletproof windows they’re still wiring the cash/ Whatever they could scrape up, whatever that they had/ there’s a lot of mouths to feed through this famine, ” sings Oberst.

It may feel close to the bone at this time but at the most vulnerable moments in one’s life is where Bright Eyes always feel most potent. Listen to their latest song, ‘One and Done’ below.