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(Credit: Paul Critchley)


BRIDGES preview new EP with track 'Go Long'


Earlier this year, Somerset indie rockers BRIDGES released the spacey and sparse ‘Rabbit’, indicating that new material from the quintet would be forthcoming. Now, the band has announced the release of their latest EP, Empty Galleries, and have shared the first single, ‘Go Long’.

More explosive and immediate than ‘Rabbit’, ‘Go Long’ retains the twisty-turning guitar lines that intertwine beautifully with singer Ethan Proctor’s melodies. Keyboardist and backing vocalist Chessa Williams shines here as well, creating the sonic soundscape that gives the song texture and elevates it beyond any number of other, less memorable rock tracks.

Building up and breaking down the way any great song should, ‘Go Long’ shows that BRIDGES are a band that understand the fundamentals of emotional impact. It’s easy to sit in a room and bash away together at maximum volume. It takes a lot of restraint, and a fair amount of conscious thought, to play with dynamics in the same way this band does. It makes for an affecting and sublime listening experience.

Bursting out with the scuzzy ‘Reverie’ in 2017, BRIDGES have been steadily releasing solid singles ever since, including the bittersweetly nostalgic ‘Math, Science and English’ and the vibrant and bouncy ‘Ghouls’. Although the band has yet to release a full length LP, the current collection of singles and EP cuts have created a solid foundation for whatever paths the group intends to carve out in the future.

Oh also, it bugs me when the rhythm section doesn’t get the credit they deserve, so just for reference: Josh Redman Thomas (guitar), Henry Matthews (Bass) and Tom Farkas (Drums) all do fantastic work on this track. They’re the backbone that propels the song through all its great ups and downs.

Check out the audio for ‘Go Long’ down below. Empty Galleries is set for a release later in the year.