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A confusing list of Brian Wilson's favourite films


Rightfully seen as one of the architects of modern pop, thanks to his seminal work with The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson’s opinion on music is one that everyone one earth should kneel at the alter for. Famed for meticulously planning and perfecting his sounds with the band, Wilson is a genius behind the mixing desk and has an ear for a tune like no other. Whilst his credentials with music is unquestionable, his taste in films, on the other hand, is quite the contrary.

It’s fair to say that Wilson isn’t the most inciteful film buff in the world, and on a few occasions over the years, he’s opened up about his favourite films. Playing the field, however, Wilson has provided a different answer each time. The first occasion that the conversation arose he gave a somewhat peculiar answer when, in 2007 while speaking to Astbury Park Press, the interviewer probed him about what good films he had seen recently and the former Beach Boy responded, “Well, I’ve only seen one in the last couple of years. It’s called Norbit by Eddie Murphy.”

The singer then described it as being a “fantastic movie. Very funny,” when the interviewer then pressed Wilson on his favourite movie of all time he then proudly declared, “Norbit“. It remains unknown whether Wilson is hyperbolic about his love of Norbit, but, imagining him sitting around laughing his face off while watching Norbit on a blissful Sunday afternoon whilst cramming popcorn down his throat is a pleasant thought nonetheless.

Then, while on the conversation of films with Consequence Of Sound in 2012, Wilson then stated that Pinocchio was his favourite film. That film is an important one in his career trajectory as The Beach Boys’ infectious track ‘Surfer Girl’ and was inspired by ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ from the Pinocchio soundtrack. “I heard it while I was driving my car, and I started humming a melody in my head,” Wilson previously said about how it inspired him. “I went home and finished it, and it was called ‘Surfer Girl’.”

Wilson has even covered the track back in 2011 for his album, The Key Of Disney, which saw the former Beach Boys singer record his favourite tracks from classic Disney movies and it was only right that he paid tribute to the piece that helped him create one of his finest hits.

Then again, when Wilson took part in a Reddit AMA with fans, he was asked about his favourite film, and the Beach Boy provided yet another answer. The singer disclosed: “The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock because it had a sense of humour. Some guys car blew up, and he got killed, and it made me laugh for some reason running from the birds.”

The three films that Wilson has picked over the years are certainly an eclectic mix and seemingly the reason why he viewed The Birds as a masterpiece is different from most people, who quite rightly don’t see the comedic side to Hitchcock’s work as Wilson does. Then again, that’s Brian Wilson for you, and what makes him such an exceptional talent is his different look at the world, which he has channelled beautifully into his music for over half-a-century.