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Brian Jonestown Massacre release new song 'Tombes Oubliées'

Brian Jonestown Massacre are preparing to release their 18th studio album and have announced the news with their lead single ‘Tombes Oubliées’.

The self-titled nine track album, set to be released on Anton Newcombe’s A Recordings on 15th March 2019, was recorded and produced at Newcombe’s Cobra Studio in Berlin.
The album, originally penciled in for a September release, was delayed as the band embarked on a global tour by playing shows in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
Now though, the album, which was recorded this time last year and features Sara Neidorf on drums, Heike Marie Radeker on bass, Hakon Adalsteinsson on guitar and Anton Newcombe on multiple instruments, is ready for release.

Their new single, ‘Tombes Oubliées’, also features a collaboration with Rike Bienert who has previously contributed to previous BJM albums, here it is:

Track Listing
1.    Drained
2.    Tombes Oubliées
3.    My Mind Is Filled With Stuff
4.    Cannot Be Saved
5.    A Word
6.    We Never Had a Chance
7.    Too Sad To Tell You
8.    Remember Me This
9.    What Can I Say