Brian Eno to share special vinyl Record Store Day release
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Brian Eno takes aim at the Conservative party with new song ‘Everything’s on the Up with the Tories’

Brian Eno has shared a brand new track that takes an unabashed swipe at the British Conservative party. The politically-minded Eno pulls no punches on this little ditty.

From the title alone you’d be expected to think that this is a ‘Carry On’ theme tune and you’d be proved right. Eno delivers a series of jibes and insults all set to the kind of knee-slapping good time your Nan would approve of.

Eno, an often politically engaged artist, does his best Sid James to give a list of reasons ‘Tories, as they’re known in Britain, are on ‘the up’ – including privatisation of the NHS, a widening wealth gap, and so on.

It’s a rallying cry from Eno just two days before Britain’s most important general election in decades.

Listen below to Brian Eno’s ‘Everything’s on the Up with the Tories’

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