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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Brian Eno launches new Sonos Radio station previously unreleased music


Ambient music master, Brian Eno, has become the latest name to team up with Sonos and has launched his very own radio station titled The Lighthouse.

In the three-part show, which has simply been titled ‘Program 1’, Eno talks openly about his masses of previously unreleased music and the decision process behind allowing his work to be released.

According to the man himself, Eno claims to have hundreds of unreleased tracks that have been collected across his 50-year career.

“The music that will be broadcast from The Lighthouse covers a pretty broad period,” Ono commented in a press statement. “The earliest track we have at the moment is from 1990. We will be adding more pieces as time goes on. New pieces will be entering the mix and some of that will go back even further.

“You will be listening to a sequence of tracks which will be randomly generated, chosen by chance so there is the possibility of odd, I hope exciting collisions – things that are very slow next to things that are very fast next to things that have no tempo, no pulse at all.”

Joe Dawson, Director of Content and Brand Platforms at Sonos, added: “On Sonos Radio, we strive to provide a creative outlet for the artists we collaborate with. For months, we’ve been working with Brian Eno to bring his creative vision for The Lighthouse to life, redefining the possibilities of a radio station.

“With this living archive, fans can continuously immerse themselves in decades of Brian’s unheard music. This project is a testament to how we approach partnering with artists, bringing exclusive content to the service and continuing to evolve the experience for our listeners on Sonos Radio.”

Stream, below.