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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Brian Eno announces mammoth collection 'Film Music 1976-2020', a compilation of his cinematic work

Brian Eno’s career is a curious one. One of the more well-rounded creators of the seventies, Eno has forged a career as one of the most highly-regarded ears in the business. Able to pick out the vital missing piece for pop songs or accurately soundtrack a scene. Eno can do it all.

Perhaps as proof of that notion, Eno has now announced that he will be releasing a mammoth compilation, spanning nearly 50 years, in which he shares all of the music he has created for films. Aptly titled Film Music 1976-2020 the collection arrives next year.

The collection won’t just share the classic tracks from films everybody knows but also provide a host of rarities as well as seven previously unreleased songs to boot. It makes this collection worth its salt for any avid fan.

Within the collection is Eno’s contribution to David Lynch’s version of Dune, the song ‘Prophecy Time’, there is his work with Michael Mann for Heat with the track ‘Late Evening In Jersey’ as well as his cover of William Bell’s song ‘You Don’t Miss Your Water’ from Demme’s Married to the Mob.

The real treat is those unreleased songs and it includes music he wrote for the first two series of Top Boy and some work he created for Peter Jackson’s Lovely Bones.

The album, Film Music 1976-2020 is set for digital release on November 13th 2020 while the physical collection (let’s face it, that’s the one we want) won’t be available until January 22nd, 2021.