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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Brian Eno shares his first-ever music video


Brian Eno has shared his first-ever music video for his track ‘Decline and Fall’, despite releasing his first solo record in 1974.

The 2017 track is set to appear on Eno’s brand new compilation Film Music 1976-2020, a project that arrives as a handpicked selection of arrangements that he has written for the screen over this period. ‘Decline and Fall’ was an arrangement which Eno wrote for Henrique Goldman’s film O Nome da Morte in 2017, which translates to A Man Called Death. The film depicts the true story of a Brazillian serial killer and Goldman has used his own film as his primary source of inspiration to create the video for ‘Decline and Fall’.

The graphic video starts as it means to go on with a clip of a man being buried alive, this is then followed by burning forests. The film then follows the path of an assassin and viewers later see one of his victims floating in the waters of the Amazon.

In a statement about the video, Goldman noted, “Our video juxtaposes two cinematic narratives set in Brazil, one of the main frontiers in the final battle between Man and Nature. The first comprises fragments of a drama about the tortured soul of the assassin portrayed in O Nome da Morte.

“The second depicts a magical natural phenomena – the Invisible River of the Amazon – a meteorologic process on a colossal scale, whereby rainforest trees continually spray billions of gallons of water into the atmosphere. The video is foreboding and suspenseful. Somewhere in the vast Brazilian landscape, something momentous lurks in the background.”

Eno’s latest compilation Film Music 1976-2020, is set to arrive on digital platforms on November 13th however, a physical release on CD and double vinyl will not be available until January 22nd, 2021.