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Brian Eno calls for a climate change “revolution” in the music industry


The music industry is currently unsustainable, and Brian Eno has made a firm call for a “revolution” to fix that. 

He has also rightfully spoken about amending issues within the industry as an “opportunity.” While climate change and the impacts of our daily lives don’t have to be faced dolefully, the reverberations of our actions are now being felt and as such, we need to look the future unflinchingly in the face.

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In the UK alone it is estimated that music festivals resulted in nearly 24,000 tonnes of waste being generated, not to mention the carbon footprint and damage to local ecosystems. Simply put, that is unsustainable and change needs to be enacted pronto… and that’s only one tiny area of the music industries footprint as a whole!

Appearing on the podcast Sounds Like A Plan, Eno spoke about launching Earth Percentage earlier this year. “[It’s] a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency.”

“We’ve got quite a few people on board already,” Eno explained, “either actually on board or with a commitment to join us. We’re not talking only to artists; we’re talking to agents, promoters, managers, record companies, publishing companies, legal and so on.”

Later adding: “We’re saying to all of them, ‘We’re all part of this business together, and you’re as an important part of it as anyone else. Why don’t you join us?’ We’re trying to make it the cause of the music business, really, to say, ‘Let’s have a revolution’.”

Before concluding: “But the important thing about that is that you create a new sort of question that people have to answer, which is, ‘Am I gonna engage with this or not?’ And it becomes harder and harder to say ‘not’ if more and more people are engaging with it.”

Recently, Eno also enlisted 20 books that he felt were essential to solving the problem humanity faces, proving that he is as much about solutions out of the studio as he is in it.