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Credit: Lunchbox/WSNY


Brendon Urie and Jimmy Fallon duet on Queen's 'Under Pressure'


The lead singer of Panic! At The Disco, Brendon Urie joined Jimmy Fallon to share an at-home cover of Queen and David Bowie’s fantastic track ‘Under Pressure’.

Fallon and Urie combine to perform a fun and frivolous cover of the iconic song using a range of percussive instruments the duo had found around their respective homes. Watch it go down below.

The 12-screen video sees Urie and Fallon take care of vocals for the performance with the late-night TV host’s in-house band The Roots join in with some ramshackle instruments, including a butter knife, wine glass, a pot lid and a bowl.

The other household objects the group picked up ranger from a toaster and frisbee to a table and jar. They’ve even chucked in a few traditional instruments for good measure.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many of the US iconic late-night shows adapt and change to an at-home setting. The shortened episodes have allowed The Tonight Show to continue while in lockdown, now renamed Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition

You can watch the full performance below