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Breakfast Muff share new video for 'Clam'


Right, let’s get this bit out of the way first off, yes the name of the band is pretty damn funny – if Breakfast Muff doesn’t make you at least snigger I would double check on your soul. And yes, when added to the song title of ‘Clam’ it notches it up a little. But their new album is called Eurgh!, so maybe we should have known.

Now that bit is done, let’s concentrate on why we are all here, because of the funny name I hear you yell, no we are here because ‘Clam’ is one of those tracks which needs to be heard.

It’s an indie-pop ditty that has the harmony and melody of a dream sequence whilst feeling permanently grounded in Scottish grit. It’s a confrontational song at heart but does so with the sweet smile of someone about to rob you and get away with it. And for that reaosn alone it is firmly worth your time.

“This song is about someone who lashes out at other people because they are scared of being themselves or being exposed in some way,” explained the band’s Eilidh McMillan.

Take a look at the dope super-8 style video to below to add to the reason you want some Breakfast Muff….

…Ok, fine, but I needed to get one out of my system.