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(Credit: Far Out / Jim Summaria / The Eagles)


Brawl breaks out in VIP section as The Eagles perform ‘Take it Easy’

It is a headline that beggar’s belief, as irony took centre stage when The Eagles performed their classic call for calm ‘Take it Easy’ and a riot ensued amid the Diamond VIP area of their London Hyde Park concert. It’s good work, but I don’t think it’s Chris Morris’ best cultural parody. 

The premium revellers cashed out a minimum of £399 to take in the calming tones of the dad rockers in the safety of the diamond area, but seemingly someone was about as pleased as Jeff Lebowski to be there, and a riot ensued. 

In footage obtained by Metro, security at the event are seen wrestling men to the ground, while the counterculture music mellowly plays on. Later, a woman is also marched out of the event who seems less than pleased to not be revelling in the rest of the set. 

All the while, the message onstage went unheeded which, in truth, doesn’t reflect well on the usually obfuscated lyrics that The Eagles lean towards. Perhaps the peaceful dream of counterculture failed because it was too hard to fathom?

Similar scenes were reportedly witnessed when a scuffle at a recent Cliff Richard show resulted in an irate fan dishing out a stern telling off and threatening a fellow fan with a paper cut. These truly are bipartisan times that we live in. 

You can find the footage by clicking here, and you will ask in despair what we all will: Is anywhere safe?

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