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Brandi Carlile shares acoustic version on 'Right on Time'


American singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile has released a brand new version of her recent single ‘Right on Time’ in a stripped-down acoustic format.

The last time I talked about ‘Right on Time’, I mentioned that Carlile’s not-so-secret weapon was “her ability to conjure the weightiest of emotions with her hair-raising voice.” That’s true, but there’s another secret weapon that is a feature of every single one of Carlile’s songs. Actually, it’s two secret weapons: Phil and Tim Hanseroth.

“The Twins”, as Carlile lovingly refers to them, have been her collaborators on every single album that Carlile has put out since her 2005 self-titled debut. They’ve contributed to the songwriting, arranging, performance, and live shows. They are intrinsic to Carlile’s style and success, and their work as a trio has been intact for nearly two decades. Even though Carlile’s name appears on the albums, there would be no Brandi Carlile music without the Hanseroths.

The most obvious point of reference is the harmonies that the three conjure up. Haunting and eerily precise, their voices intertwine in ways that can only come from deep connection and hundreds of hours of familiarity with each other’s nuances. Especially in the live setting, it becomes apparent how essential the Hanseroths are to propping up Carlile’s powerhouse voice.

Their new take on ‘Right on Time’ makes this blend the centrepiece of the track. Taking the slow-burning piano balladry of the original recording and reinterpreting it as a folk ballad is right in the trio’s wheelhouse, and the way they bring the sadness and emotional weight of the song’s lyrics to life arguable comes off better in the new version.

Rarely can a musician sound better once the gloss of the studio gets stripped away, but Carlile and the Hanseroths thrive doing just that. They’re storytellers, and stories always translate better with a personal touch. On the acoustic version of ‘Right on Time’, the trio sound like they’re in the room, singing the song directly to you. The intimacy is utterly enthralling.

Check out the acoustic version of ‘Right on Time’ down below. In These Silent Days will be released on October 1.