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Bradley Cooper reveals Will Arnett helped him get sober

Bradley Cooper had an eventful 2021, starring in two of the biggest productions of the year – Licorice Pizza and Nightmare Alley. Although he was ready to quit acting at the time, the actor claimed that Paul Thomas Anderson was the one who convinced him to forge ahead with new projects and not give up.

In a recent conversation, Cooper spoke about his substance abuse issues and his addiction to cocaine which was ruining his life and career. Under the influence, he behaved poorly with the people around him while trying to be funny and lost track of personal responsibilities until someone intervened and set him straight.

Will Arnett spoke to him about the dangerous path he was on and it helped him see things clearly. Cooper revealed that it was “the first time I realised I had a problem with drugs and alcohol. And it was Will saying that to me. And I’ll just never forget it. I was like, ‘Oh, the guy that I think is doing mean humour is telling me the truth about that.’ … And it changed my entire life.”

Thanking Arnett for his efforts at that time which ensured that Cooper became serious about his life, the actor gushed: “Will is the reason, he took that risk of having that hard conversation with me in, like, July of 2004, that put me on a path of deciding to change my life. It truly was Will Arnett—he is the reason.”

Arnett, who was part of the same conversation alongside Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, told Cooper: “We love you man. Just keep fucking doing it. I don’t think I’d ever say this earnestly to anybody but keep fucking reaching for the stars and hitting for outside of the park and taking big swings. It’s fucking awesome and inspiring. Just love you dude.”

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