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Famous director mocked Bradley Cooper for his Oscar nominations

Bradley Cooper recently appeared on the SmartLess podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects, ranging from personal struggles with substance abuse and addiction to anecdotes about Hollywood. Having starred in Nightmare Alley and Licorice Pizza last year, Cooper earned widespread acclaim in 2021.

Recalling some of his own experiences on the podcast, Cooper talked about an incident that happened during the awards campaign for A Star is Born. Due to that film’s enormous public appeal as well as critical and commercial success, Cooper had managed to add three more Oscar nominations to his previous tally of four.

Without revealing the names of the people involved, Cooper claimed that he was with a popular actress at a Hollywood party where he ran into a famous director who reportedly mocked him. According to Cooper, the director feigned disbelief upon hearing the fact that Cooper had seven nominations.

The director told him: “What world are we living in where you have seven nominations and she’s only got three?” On the podcast, the actor said that he was shocked by the entire debacle and it will always remain embedded in his memory: “I’m like, ‘Bro, why are you such an asshole?’ I would never fucking forget that. Go fuck yourself.”

Cooper also revealed how Will Arnett was the one who helped the actor quit his cocaine addiction by confronting him about his habits: “Will is the reason, he took that risk of having that hard conversation with me in, like, July of 2004, that put me on a path of deciding to change my life. It truly was Will Arnett—he is the reason.”

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