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Brad Stank is ‘Condemned to Be Freaky’


Brad Stank, formerly of Sundogs, is just your average ‘sludge-funk’ maestro. He makes pop that could easily be heard in any indie film or TV series and he does so with an effortless cool that most would strive their entire life to achieve.

Although Stank’s vibe is most definitely chilled, there is something decidedly hot about his latest track ‘Condemned To Be Freaky’. It feels like a warm summer night in New York with the smell of frying meat only being beaten in to submission by cigarette smoke, as the lights twinkle and dusk promises a darker side of life.

There’s a hazy groove to this track which is ultimately so infectious that you’ll just be hitting repeat until the heat of the summer reaches your front door. Answer that door with a cold beer and this song blaring and you’ll have the time of your life.