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Johnny Marr: "People should refer to Boris as 'That Wanker Boris Johnson'"

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has dipped his toes into the nightmare that is British politics with is take on Prime Minister candidate Boris Johnson.

As it stands Johnson remains the frontrunner to replace Theresa May as the leader of the Conservative Party, his only competitor being Jeremy Hunt as the two clashed on the high profile and bad-tempered television debate this week.

The first head-to-head debate of the leadership campaign was heavily directed towards their Brexit plans, the relationship with Donald Trump’s America and more as both candidates dodged answering tough questions in a bid to slip up in front of their largest audience of the leadership campaign.

Former foreign secretary, Johnson, who has numerous close allies within the Conservative Party—which is the largest factor to consider in his bid to be leader—is often simply called ‘Boris’ by his supporters and fellow party members.

Marr though, reacting to the current climate, Marr offered his typically honest take on the consensus that using the name ‘Boris’ softens his public image. “I wish people would stop referring to “Boris” like he’s some cuddly fun character,” the guitarist said on Twitter.

“They should refer to him by his full name; ‘That Wanker Boris Johnson’,” he added.