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Bon Iver plays '8 (circle)' for ONE lucky fan


You should have heard of La Blogothéque before. They have created some incredible moments for us as fans. To see our favourite bands perform in unusual and inspiring spots across Paris was what made their, now infamous, ‘Takeaway Show’ series a hit across the globe.

Now LB has done something even better for fans…. well one of them anyway. In their new series titled ‘One2One’ we will see our favourite artists playing intimate gigs, very intimate gigs, for just one lucky fan.

The first up is Justin Vernon from Bon Iver who, during the Michelberger Music Event at Funkhaus Berlin, played his track ‘8 (circle)’ for one hand-picked fan, in what was likely one of the most precious moments of their lives.

We were pretty choked up ourselves. Check this beautiful experience below, and bravo to La Blogothéque, this is something truly special.