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Bombay Bicycle Club are back with 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong'

'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong' - Bombay Bicycle Club

Here it is, the day so many Bombay Bicycle Club fans have been waiting for – we have a new album, ladies and gentlemen. And what’s more, it’s a vintage release from one of the indie-pop world’s greatest talents.

Now, we’re going to get something out of the ay right now. If you were never a fan of Bombay Bicycle Club when they first won hearts and minds last decade then chances are that this album won’t change too much. Mostly because Bombay Bicycle Club are back in business.

That business is writing hazy, laconic and intelligent songs, created for lovers and losers alike and they’re bloody good at it. ‘Get Up’ is the first track on the album and the noodling horns work as the perfect morning alarm, getting us up and ready for the day ahead.

“Is it real? I wanna go back / Times have all changed and I don’t want that / ‘Cause I feel our lives roll past / Look the wrong way when I’m moving too fast,” frontman Steadman sings in the first verse of ‘Is It Real’, the next song on the record. It’s a sentiment so fitting with today’s climate it feels almost a little gauche. But it perfectly sums up the track and leads us into some vintage BBC territory.

The song itself is a merry jaunt down memory lane. Sun-kissed and rose-tinted, the band bop through some indie-pop gold as Steadman offers up some of his more attainable lyrics. The singer offers up two opposing views, one dripping in nostalgia and the other realism – which one would do you choose? It’s the best track on the album by far.

Then runs through a few of the band’s recent singles, ‘I Can Hardly Speak’ and ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’, which equally add a degree of steadfast songmanship. This is where the trouble starts.

The problem is that outside of the album’s main singles the rest fo the album kind of falls flat, well, in honesty, it just kind of falls. There is no big question being asked or answered, there is no big statement being made. Instead, Steadman and co. pootle on down the road with a jaunty tune and a sunny disposition.

Now, don’t get us wrong, that’s a great day for many of us, and you will certainly see BBC attending all of the major musical functions on the back of the album. This is some vintage Bombay Bicycle Club territory but in 2020, that’s not really on our road map.

No longer fresh or new, to come back after four years with very little to say has us worried that the band may have wasted their holidays. Not to worry, as you’ll soon see the contents of Everything Else Has Gone Wrong on every Airbnb ad for the next decade.