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Bombay Bicycle Club - It's Alright Now


Following on from the three evolutionary albums that preceded it Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth effort promises to be another Darwinian demonstration if the second release from forthcoming album So Long, See You Tomorrow is anything to go by. It’s our track of the day and it’s the delightfully assuring It’s Alright Now. 

Available as an immediate free download along with the other release Carry Me when you pre-order the aforementioned album. The track is a beautiful instrumentation full of crooning vocals and drawing, pulling guitars, which fade and delight in equal measure and further establish Bombay Bicycle Club’s place in British music.

There’s a melancholy electronic chiming which introduces us to the track to show the transition of the band, from folk tinged guitar fuelled indie to a more artistically driven experimental melodic track, leading from their previous album A Different Kind of Fix.  

Original Bombay Bicycle Club fans who enjoyed the rhythmic guitar patterns maybe a little disappointed as this track expresses a more offbeat sound, introducing techno blips and a juxtaposing guitar and drums. But this is all in-keeping with the growth of the London based band, who have continually shape-shifted into their growing maturity. Luckily they have the technical and musical prowess to do this seamlessly.

It’s Alright Now has all the trademarks of BBC, fufilling the desire to spin like a hippie in a field holding fireworks, but with enough modernity to not only make them relevant but to lead the way in indie-pop. The vocals are uplifting, the lyrics tinged with sadness and the musicality of the band firmly at the forefront without demanding the stage, a great track to start your weekend to. So, lay back, pour yourself a cuppa and get ready for the night ahead.


Jack Whatley