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Bobby Womack R.I.P


All time music maestro and soul extraordinaire, Bobby Womack has passed away aged 70, according to his record label XL recordings.

Though the cause of death has not yet been confirmed, it’s widely known that Womack had been suffering from severe health ailments over the past few years; receiving treatment for colon cancer and, more recently, the onset of the debilitating cognitive condition, Alzheimer’s.

Like many of America’s soul defining stars, Womack began his career in gospel, appeasing the will of his devoutly religious family. Though, after buying his first guitar aged ten, in 1954, much to the displeasure of his parents young Bobby joined forces with his brother and the pair began performing as the Womack Brothers, it was this partnership that would eventually catch the attention of a certain Sam Cooke, whom convinced the duo to rename themselves The Valentinos; a near eternal concoction of success and poignancy ensued from then on in.

Womack was to score huge hits including the Valentinos number ‘All Over Now’, tumultuously marry Sam Cooke’s widow after the singer’s sudden death in 1964, pen some hits for none other than the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Sly Stone, to name but a few, and squeeze in few solo classics of his own, not to mention becoming embroiled in substance abuse and eventually experience a sudden resurgence in popularity thanks to Damon Albarn’s efforts to involve the late legend in the Gorrilaz’ album Plastic Beach.

Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2009, one thing is for sure, the legacy of Bobby Womack will live on for another 2000 years at least.

So, let’s take it back to near enough where it all began, with a phenomenal, timeless classic that, personally, along with Bobby’s sprit, I don’t think will ever truly die, despite the now glaring irony of it’s title:

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