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Listen to Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth’s new single ‘Chase It Down’

Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth - ‘Chase It Down’

Primal Scream mastermind Bobby Gillespie and former Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth have shared their collaboration together together: ‘Chase It Down’.

When we first heard from the unlikely duo, it was in the form of the slow-burning melancholic ballad ‘Remember We Were Lovers’. Through the release of that single, we also got word that the pair were releasing a full-length duet album together, Utopian Ashes, set for a summer release.

‘Remember We Were Lovers’ had shades of ’80s duets like the kind you would expect from Kenny Rogers or Lionel Richie, but ‘Chase It Down’ time warps back a decade into the era of the disco ballad. Gillespie gets to pour his heart out during the verses while stabs of strings and wah-wah guitar turn his innermost tumult into a devilishly funky groove. Beth serves as the hook singer, belting out the chorus with a fantastic blend of vitriolic venom and palpable regret. “Free fall from the love/Who is gonna come and save us now?”

Just like the video for ‘Remember We Were Lovers’, the video for ‘Chase It Down’ is a muted black and white affair, complete with moody lighting and palpable tension between the two central figures. The two are establishing a thoroughly gloomy aesthetic for their new project, between the various videos, artworks, and songs that have come out so far. It’s a little bizarre to me that this album is coming out smack dab in the middle of summer, a summer that will see all our collective spirits lifted as we finally put COVID-19 behind us. But there’s obviously something to be said for counter-programming, and if we end up having to stay inside for the second summer in a row, we’re all going to need this record to wallow in our own misery.

Check out the video for ‘Chase It Down’ down below. Utopian Ashes is set for a July 2 release.