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(Credit: Josh Hallett)

Bob Iger defends Marvel: 'I don’t think Martin Scorsese has ever seen a Marvel film'

Bob Iger, the high-profile Disney CEO and chairman, has defended the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the heavy criticism from acclaimed director Martin Scorsese.

The superhero films have dominated box office in recent years and, when drawn into a conversation about the films, Scorsese dismissed Marvel’s importance by describing them as “theme parks” and insisting that they are “not cinema”.

After doubling down on his words, Scorsese was then backed Francis Ford Coppola who leapt to the defence of Martin Scorsese and added his heavy criticism Marvel by describing the franchise as “despicable” in a particularly fiery interview.

Now though, Iger has offered an opposing opinion, defending Marvel and their artist integrity. “I don’t think he’s ever seen a Marvel film,” Iger told the BBC in a new radio interview when asked about Scorsese’s comments. “Anyone who has seen a Marvel movie could not in all truth make that statement.”

Scorsese has been very critical of Marvel. (Credit: Siebbi / Wikimedia)

Iger added: “Marvel is making movies – that’s what Martin Scorsese makes. And they are good movies, good directors and good writers and good actors, good cinematographers, and good costume designers, and good sound engineers, and good editors. These are talented, talented people putting their hard work and talent into making films that entertain people in theatres around the world. They have a good two-hour experience. They come out feeling happy or better about themselves.”

Iger was quick to try and dispell and sense of animosity though, adding that he’d love the opportunity to debate cinema with him in some capacity. “I’d like to have a glass of wine with him,” he said. “I like Martin Scorsese – he’s a talented man.”

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