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(Credit: Xavier Badosa)


Revisit Bob Dylan's only appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' in 1979

We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to bring you Bob Dylan’s first and only appearance on America’s best weekend show, Saturday Night Live. The singer took to the stage of Studio 8H to perform three songs and leave an indelible mark on SNL history only to never return again.

The iconic figure of Bob Dylan is as synonymous with deeply poetic works of folk-rock bliss as he is for being a camera-shy and reserved artist in his later years. As happy to burn bright as he is to fade away, it’s part of what has made him such a mercurial talent.

Dylan’s lack of television appearances and radio interviews is a testament to the singer’s ability to keep us hooked without an ongoing promo trail. However, in 1979, the iconic musician was the musical guest on the Eric Idle-hosted show and shared the episode with some heavy-hitting acts such as Bill Murray, Andy Kauffman, and Harry Shearer, to name a few. It also saw the mercurial troubadour deliver three songs for the baying crowd and the audience at home, enough to keep anybody sated.

As the musical guest, Bob Dylan performed three songs from his album Slow Train Coming, including the hits ‘When You Gonna Wake Up’, ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’ and ‘I Believe in You’. While many other artists would jump at the chance to get on such an iconic show, we’re not sure Dylan cracks a single smile once.

A smile from Dylan on a television set may be a coveted thing. However, the footage of this SNL episode is a rarer thing indeed with only snippets and clips circulating online. By some remarkable feat of persistence, we have managed to find all three of Dylan’s performances and brought them to you below; one is a recording of the ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’. The show would be the only time he’d appear as a guest on Saturday Night Live. 

Dylan may only have appeared on SNL once but the team at Saturday Night Live has impersonated him on many occasions across the years. While Dylan has likely been the butt of a lot of jokes in his time, maybe the freewheelin’ singer didn’t take too kindly to those acts.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a shame that Dylan hasn’t graced the stage of Studio 8H in a long time, especially when you look at the electrifying performance he rolls out.

Watch Bob Dylan’s only SNL performance, below.

Bob Dylan I Believe In You – Saturday Night Live-1979 from albert on Vimeo.